Political Science

Majoring in Political Science

A Political Science major generally transfers to a four-year institution to complete a B.A. degree. Political Science graduates with B.A. degrees are qualified for a variety of positions in government and non-governmental institutions. A few examples include:

  • Lawyer/Paralegal: A degree in Political Science will give you the edge in both getting into and succeeding in law school or paralegal programs.
  • Teaching: If you are interested in teaching social studies in elementary, middle, or high school, Political Science is a rewarding and challenging career. Graduate degrees are necessary for college teaching.
  • Journalism: A Political Science major gives you substantial expertise, analytical and communications training whether you go into broadcast or print journalism.
  • Business: Whether you go directly into business or on for your MBA, an undergraduate degree in Political Science is an excellent foundation.
  • Government: Public service is an attractive choice for many undergraduates – both elected positions as well as civil service. Almost 3 million Americans work for the federal government (including careers as a diplomat in Foreign Service), and in California 250,000 work for our state government.
  • Many undergraduates have successful careers working for any of the hundreds of Interest Groups that exist; others further their beliefs by working for a Political Party; while others may find challenging careers in an Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO), or prehaps a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).
  • Or you may choose to go on for your MPA (Masters in Public Administration) and find yourself managing one of California's growing cities!

Political Science

Paul S. Torres


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Page last modified: April 27, 2018