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Welcome to counseling.

Welcome to the Las Positas College Counseling Department!

Professional counselors are available to assist current and prospective students in identifying, clarifying, and reaching their educational and career goals. Counselors provide Academic, Transfer, Career, Personal, and Online counseling services. All counseling appointments are confidential.

In addition, as faculty, counselors teach Psychology-Counseling (PCN) courses that are designed to help students reach success! Our department also offers a certificate of achievement in Health & Human Services.

Who can see a counselor?

In order to make an appointment you must have:

  • a college application submitted for the current or upcoming term;
  • your “W” student ID#;
  • be enrolled in classes for the current or upcoming term;
  • and the term must have already started.

Any student (continuing, new or prospective) can see a counselor on a drop-in basis.

How can you see a counselor?

Day and evening counseling services are available on an appointment and drop-in basis. Counseling appointments can be completed in person or online.

Counseling appointments can be made up to one month in advance. Since appointments can get booked early, we recommend that you make an appointment as soon as they are available.

Counseling appointments may be made in person during the hours listed or by calling (925) 424-1400.

Drop-in counseling is available during our open hours, but may be subject to change if counselors are not available or over-booked. While no appointment is necessary, a drop-in session is limited to 15 minutes. To meet with a counselor on drop-in, simply sign into the computer at the counter in the Counseling Department. Please note: During peak registration times, counselors are only able to create 1-2 semester educational plans so that they can focus on the immediate needs of students wishing to enroll in courses for the upcoming semester.

Missed your counseling appointment?

Students, this is important to note! If you are a "no show" for your appointment in any given semester, you will not be allowed to reschedule. If you want to reschedule, then you must file a petition with the Dean of Student Services and it must be approved.

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Student Handbook

Counseling Appointment Schedule

Can start scheduling an appointment

Drop-in only
1/22 for February
2/19 for March
3/26 for April - May 18
21 - 25 Drop-in only


Counseling Department

Office Hours & Contact Info:

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 7:00 pm
9:00 am – 7:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Closed: weekends & holidays

Call Us: 925.424.1400

Fax: 925.424.1402

Building 1600, First Floor