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Behavioral Intervention Resource Team

BIRT Members & Contact Numbers

You may call any of the BIRT members listed, at any time, for consultation, no matter how insignificant your situation may seem. We encourage you to assist us in preventing crises before they occur.

The team members are available on an ongoing basis to provide non-emergent consultation.

If you feel that a situation requires an immediate response contact: Campus Safety - (925) 424-1699 immediately do not leave a voice mail message for a BIRT team member.


Contact Campus Safety

(925) 424-1699 or 911

Non-Emergent student behavior consultation - call any of the following:

Dayna Cerruti-Barbero
Student Health & Wellness Services

(925) 424-1830

Heika Gecox

(925) 424-1436

Susan Hiraki
Student Mental Wellness Services

(925) 424-1830

Dean of Student Services

(925) 424-1420

Sean Prather
Campus Safety

(925) 424-1649

William Garcia
Vice President Student Services

(925) 424-1405

Mark Tarte
Administration of Justice Program Coordiantor,
Retired Livermore Police Department Sargent

(925) 424-1197

Julie Thornburg
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services

(925) 424-1406

Gilberto Victoria

(925) 424-1477

For more information please contact:

Building 1700
Room 1701