Counseling and various counselors at LPC.

How Counselors Can Help

The Counseling Department is here to help you! We provide support services sensitive to your needs, including underrepresented, special student groups, and distance education students.

Counseling will be open during spring break,
March 30-April 2, Monday through Thursday,
9 am to 5 pm for Drop-in and appointments.

No Counselors available on Friday, April 3, 2015.




Counselor’s Role

Counselors use an open, holistic approach to help you have a positive and successful educational experience. We can help you:

  • Set realistic educational and career goals
  • Create a course plan (Student Educational Plan) to reach your goals
  • Develop skills to help increase academic success
  • Resolve concerns that may interfere with college success

Student’s Role

Successful students take an active role in their education. You will greatly increase your college success if you:

  • Seek out needed information, services, and support
  • Assume the responsibilities required of a college student
  • Set meaningful goals and persist in reaching them



Counseling Office

Building 1600
First Floor
Room 1616

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Page last modified: March 26, 2015