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Measure A Priorities

Highest Priority – Potential First Round of Projects

Items Listed in the 2012 Facilities Master Plan

  1. Campus Safety and Security Updates and Upgrades
  2. New building 600/800 (Science/Viticulture/Horticulture/Computer Science/ Computer Network Tech)
  3. Vehicular & Pedestrian Circulation & Parking
  4. Public Safety
  5. Automotive & Welding
  6. 2100/2200 Library/Language Arts/Tutorial
  7. Building 300 / Student Center
  8. Visual Arts Building – painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, art gallery, computer graphic design
  9. Athletic facility improvements

Secondary Priority



  • Items that are new, something we currently don't have or don't do
  • Items that desire to be expanded, something we currently have but we want more of it
  • Items that need refreshing/renewal, something that exists, but is tired or in need of some new life

New – Not Listed in the 2012 Facilities Master Plan

  • Makers Space, Innovation Hub for Tech, Partner w/Tech Companies
  • Student Union - Gathering Place for Students
  • Learning Communities Space
  • Parking Structure
  • Machine Shop to support Auto/Welding/Engineering
  • Expansion Proposed B3600 to include: Full-Sized Gymnasium, Fitness Center, Classroom, Faculty Offices, Storage, Locker Rooms, Athletic Training Area
  • Permanent Scoreboard for the Synthetic Turf Field
  • Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Walking Trails including Murray Ranch
  • Golf Practice Facility
  • 2nd Gym Space
  • Bike Trail Connectivity
  • Social Science Research Lab
  • Dark Sky Space (Planetarium)
  • Field Station
  • Proctor Center
  • Event Center

Expanded - not listed in the 2012 facilities master plan

  • Health Center / Integrated Mental Health Center
  • Increased Library Materials Budget ($300k per year minimum)
  • ECD Safety Issues
  • Larger Bio Learning Center
  • Expansion of Science Buildings (1800/1850)
  • Amphitheater Completion, Structures and Theater Program Storage
  • Storage Needs for All Disciplines
  • Additional Dining Area for Students
  • Energy Storage & Production Enhancements
  • Cafeteria Space Enhancements

Renew/Refresh – Not Listed in the 2012 Facilities Master Plan

  • 2400 Refresh/Renew and Outside Elevator
  • Patrol Car for Campus Safety
  • 1800 Renovation
  • Upgrade Pool; Resurfacing, etc.
  • Replace Synthetic Turf Field
  • Refurbish Track and Field