About the Program

Anthropology studies human beings from a holistic and cross-cultural perspective. Encompassing every aspect of human existence, the subject matter of anthropology is traditionally divided into four fields: physical or biological anthropology, social or cultural anthropology, linguistics, and archaeology. A comparative science, its concerns include human genetic, cultural, and linguistic variation. Anthropologists uncover the prehistory of humanity as they help us to understand the problems of today. They are advocates of multiculturalism because they appreciate cultural diversity, an attribute which prepares them well for navigating the complexities of the 21st century world.

Career Opportunities

As modern technology and business practices dissolve borders across the globe, the demand for anthropologists grows. Anthropologists inform public policy, manage development projects and work in the Foreign Service. They carry out market research, conduct public relations and become journalists, urban planners, medical researchers and park rangers. Anthropologists reveal the story of the past through genetic and archaeological research; they also use forensic science to determine the truths of today. Their skill set is applicable across a diverse set of research, development and policy-making opportunities throughout the corporate, non-profit, government and military sectors.


Las Positas College offers classes in the four sub-fields of anthropology to prepare students for third year entry into BA and BS programs. All courses articulate as lower-division units to CSU and UC. Some variation in requirements exists; therefore, it is essential that the student refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult an academic counselor while preparing for transfer.


Lucas Hasten
Anthropology Faculty
Office 24011C

Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Dean

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Page last modified: April 24, 2017