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Our Faculty

Melissa Korber

Melissa Korber
  • BA Political Science, Minor: English Literature, Montana State University
  • MA Creative Writing, San Francisco State University
  • JD University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

Subjects Taught:

  • Mass Communications
  • English
  • Business Communications
  • Business Law

Ms. Korber started her career like many other writers do - writing for her high school, college and law school papers. Even while a practicing attorney, she always enjoyed writing and eventually found her way out of the courtroom and back into the college environment. Now she teaches, serves as the faculty advisor for the LPC Express newspaper and serves as the Journalism Association of Community Colleges Northern California Faculty President.

"Las Positas College is such a wonderful place," she says. "The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly and supportive, and I love dealing with the many different types of students."

What does she recommend to students who want a career in journalism? "Get whatever experience you can!" she states. "Work on your school paper. Get an internship. The more experience you have, the easier it will be to get your foot in the door."

Alex Galindo

Alex Galindo
  • BA in Latin American Studies, U.C. Berkeley
  • JD John F. Kennedy University School of Law

Subjects Taught:

  • Radio Production

Alex has been a contributor to various Bay Area radio and TV stations for the last ten years. He was a background in audio visual arts. Last year, in a successful collaboration with the Music and Theater Departments, he produced Battle of the Bands, a live event that brought 10 bands and hundreds of fans to Las Positas College and was followed by over 3,000 people on social networks and online. This year, Alex is working with his Radio Las Positas team in creating a multi-media event that will show the graphic arts of his students, as well as Live DJ's skills in live performances. Under his direction, Radio Las Positas keeps growing every semester. On his first year of teaching at LPC, Alex was awarded the President's Award. Alex believes in the importance of practical training so he has created several internships at Radio Las Positas. His advanced students receive training in management from positions of responsibility and leadership. Many of Alex's students have become employed in the radio industry upon completion of his courses. He also works on the creation of opportunities for those who seek to transfer to 4-year institutions. He's currently working with San Jose and San Francisco State, as well as Chabot College to expand the radio program at LPC and path the road for radio students

Alex serves as advisor to the Radio Club and hopes to be able to teach more Media classes at LPC in the future. He's also a court-appointed expert on Immigration and Criminal Law and holds a teaching position at California State University.

Learn more about Radio Las Positas. Or follow them on Facebook.

Nolan O'Brien

  • BA Mass Communications, Humboldt State University
  • MA Media Studies, New College of California

Subjects Taught:

  • Mass Communications

While at Humboldt State, Mr. O'Brien was the managing editor of the school newspaper and held various management roles at the student radio station. While he started with an emphasis in broadcast news and even hosted a public radio newsmagazine, he found by his senior year he really enjoyed writing and the newsprint production process. Those experiences helped him land writing jobs at the Tri-Valley Herald and Inside Magazines. He now brings that experience to Las Positas College running the Express, the campus newspaper.

"The students motivate me," he says. "They work well as a team, focusing on what needs to get done without letting their egos get in the way. Whether they don't know what they want out of life or are making a career change it's neat to be a part of it."

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Melissa Korber