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Our Faculty

Scott Miner

AS Welding Technology, Chabot College
BS Materials Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Subject taught: Welding Technology

In high school, Scott Miner enjoyed metal shop and "was not interested in computers or business." He discovered the welding lab at Chabot College on a tour and "pecked away" at his AS degree while working as a welder. Miner went to work for The Clorox Company and was encouraged by his coworkers to get his engineering degree, so he saved up and went to Cal Poly SLO.

Miner chose Cal Poly for several reasons. First, there were other older, returning students so he felt comfortable. Second, he appreciated that the program was focused on a "learn by doing" model where he could study hands-on rather than just writing lab reports like at more theoretical schools. Ultimately, being experienced in his field and knowing what he enjoyed doing helped him succeed at Cal Poly and upon graduation, returned to Clorox as an engineer. He was later promoted to project manager and then business manager. Eventually he became the VP of Operations for a small manufacturing business that did a lot of government contracts. He started teaching at Las Positas College because "I wanted to find good employees for my company!"

Today, while not teaching at Las Positas College, Mr. Miner consults in Manufacturing Engineering with major companies such as GE Nuclear Energy, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and NASA-Ames Research.

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