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MathJam Registration

Jam to Success in your Math Class in 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1
Become a Las Positas College student. If you are already a Las Positas College student, have your W-Number ready. If you are not yet a Las Positas College student, complete the online Las Positas College Application for Admission to receive your W-Number (student ID).

Step 2
Register on ClassWeb for TUTR 200 in the SUMMER 2017 Schedule and a LPC Math Class in the FALL 2017 Schedule.
When you are eligible to register for classes, log onto ClassWeb using this link and register for the appropriate TUTR 200 section in the Summer 2017 Schedule that best describes your academic goal. When registering, pay close attention to the section notes for TUTR 200 to ensure you are enrolled in the Math Jam section that meets your eligibility and academic needs!

You must also register for an LPC Math Class for the Fall 2017 semester. Remember, Math Jam is designed to help you prepare for your upcoming math class OR to prepare to retake the Assessment test at the end of the week. If at the end of the Math Jam week you are now eligible for a higher level math class AND you have registered for a math class for the next semester, we will help you register for the class appropriate for you.
Step 3
Prior to the first day of MathJam, every participant needs to have completed an Assessment (Placement) Exam. If you have not already taken an Assessment (Placement) Exam, register for the placement exam online at the Las Positas College Assessment Center .
All students who have completed MathJam will re-take the Assessment (Placement) Exam on Friday. Students who are registered for a math class and "jam" out of their current placement and into a level up will be helped to register for the appropriate class for the Spring.

We look forward to helping you achieve your math goals!


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Page last modified: April 25, 2017