Welcome to the Technology Department

The Technology Department supports the college by providing quality on-campus support services:

  • access for faculty, staff and students to hardware and software resources that are economically and environmentally conscience;
  • technical leadership for current, proven technology solutions that enhance and encourage teaching and learning;
  • improved organizational communication and efficiency.


Computer/Network Support

Computer/ Network Support Staff are responsible for providing computer network support for both the instructional and administrative networks. The Computer/ Network Support staff manage and maintain server resources and services provided by the LPC technology department on campus. These services include but are not limited to maintenance of all onsite computer systems, servers, backup systems, data storage, license servers, DNS and DHCP services, WiFi and fiber/copper connectivity, documentation and inventory of systems.

Instructional Systems

Instructional Systems Support Staff are responsible for all faculty and classroom support including: instructional computers, audio/visual equipment, videoconferencing, special equipment requests, tape duplication, sound and projection systems for special events.


The Telecommunications Staff are responsible for the consistent operation of the campus voice communications system which includes programming, installation, troubleshooting, usage reports and training of end user phone sets, voice messaging, call touting and automated attendant, Enhanced 911 and local and long distance carrier services.


The goal of this site is to provide information and services access to the college community regarding available technology and related activities on campus.

LPC Technology Help Desk



District ITS Help Desk


Outlook Resources


ClassWeb/ Zone Help Desk


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Distance Education/ Blackboard Help Desk


On-line Learning

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Page last modified: October 01, 2015