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We strongly encourage everyone to use the Copy Center whenever a copy job is larger than 20 copies.  Copies produced by the Copy Center are .0042 per B/ W click/ impression and .0058 per standard sheet of paper.  This is a savings of more than half a cent per double-sided copy compared to copies made at the convenience copiers.


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Copy Center Hours and Location

The Copy Center is located in building 1700 room 1717 (behind the Campus Safety Office).

Ricoh Copy Center Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday: 7 am - 7 pm
Friday: 7 am to 3 pm

Closed for Lunch everyday: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

If a copy job has a due time between 11:30 am -12:30 pm the job will be taken to the switchboard in building 1600 for pick up there.

A drop box is now available outside the center entrance for job submission when the center is closed.

Copy Center Services

Ricoh Business Systems provides the following services to the college:

  • Two employees and trained floating back-up staff;
  • Standard 24 hour turn around on most print jobs;
  • Express 30 minute services on simple print jobs, by request;
  • Job submission via e-mail, inter-campus mail, walk-in, and coming soon TRAC web job submission;
  • Key operator support for all convenience copiers to keep them running efficiently and first response to equipment malfunctions;
  • On-going staff training;
  • Color copies with “administrator approval;”
  • Various binding, cutting, folding and other services;
  • Consultation on all copy service needs.

If the copy center is unable to provide the service you need in-house, they can utilize outside resources and provide you with a quote.  Feel free to contact the copy center with your copy service questions.


Ricoh Security and Confidentiality

The Copy Center staff, employed by Ricoh Business Systems, understands the need for confidentiality in the process of reproducing documents and information.  As such, Ricoh staff are familiar with and agree to comply with laws such as HIPPA, FERPA, Copyright and the negotiated Intellectual Property Policy as stated in the CLPCCD Faculty Contract

The Ricoh team protects electronic and hardcopy information in a number of ways:

  • When a job is completed the job request/ summary is placed on top so the copies are not easily visible. 
  • Completed jobs must be signed for by the originator or listed recipient. 
  • If desired the completed job can be shrink wrapped, by request, for extra security.
  • The electronic file is deleted from the Copy Center staff desktop computer after the job is completed.
  • TRAC purges documents after 60 days.
  • All Ricoh devices use Ricoh proprietary code when writing to the hard drive.
  • Select Ricoh multi-functional devices use RAM memory to store the image while processing thus the image is lost when the machine is shut down. The Ricoh staff shall re-boot all devices on a weekly basis to maintain continuity of the RAM memory.
  • Select Ricoh multi-functional devices use DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS)  to overwrite the specific sector of the hard drive after each use and can be enacted to overwrite the entire hard drive at the machine’s end of life.
  • The college uses Ringdale, FollowMe software to authenticate user access to the multi-functional devices.  This software resides on the college’s network so user information and copy IDs are not stored on the multi-functional devices.


Copy Services

Heidi Ulrech

Copy Center

925.424.1850 and
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Page last modified: August 10, 2017