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RICOH Using the Scan to Folder

The use of electronic distribution is encouraged and is considered a preferred method of communication.  Electronic documents can be e-mailed or displayed in the classroom and during meetings, rather than distributing hard copies.

Login to Multi-functional device.

Photo function selector1) Press the Scanner function button.

2) Place the document in the feeder or on the glass.

Photo touch screen scanning3) Touch 1-sided Original/ Feed Type

Photo touch screen document orientation

4) Select the document orientation and 1-sidded or 2-sidded document then touch Ok.

Photo touch screen scanning
5) Select your user name. (This will insert the path/ folder name of where the PDF file will be sent.)


Photo key pad

6) Press Start

Logout when finished

Return to your computer

You must be logged into the computer with your Computer User Name and Password.

1) Double click the My Computer icon and select one of the following directories that is listed for you:

    • for those of you with an account on the Instructional Server and have a Microsoft login, look for - (your user name) on marvin\home$
    • for those of you with an account on the Administrative Server and have a Novel login, look for - (your user name) on roadrunner\home$

2) Double click the directory that you found (it may take a couple seconds) and look for the folder -  scanfromcopier

3) Open this folder and you should find the scanned document with the date the scan was made imbedded in the file name.

You can keep the file in this folder or rename it and save it in another folder.

Attention Adjunct Faculty

Some of you already have network accounts and use it to login to the instructional computers in the classrooms and faculty offices, you should be ready to use the scan feature.  Unfortunately, many of you do not.  To request an Instructional Computer/ Network account please complete this form (top section, instructional/ classroom section and signature) and submit it to your dean for approval. 

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Page last modified: August 10, 2017