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**News** TRAC web job submission application is now available. 

Click here to connect to TRAC job submission web site for Las Positas

When e-submitting documents to be printed by the Copy Center it is always a good idea to convert your document to PDF before sending. This will maintain any special formating and font styles being used in the document. 

Document into PDF file

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat on your home computer it can be purchased at educational pricing through these sites:

Or download free PDF software:

To download free PDF conversion software


1)  Download  Pdf995 Printer Driver Version 8.1

2)  Download - Free Converter

3) Then download  - pdfEdit995

Once all of these files have been downloaded, you may need to reboot your computer.

How to use this software

1) Open the word file you want to convert.

2) Go to File and select print.

3) When the print screen opens do not select your printer but select pdf995

4) Highlight pdf995 on your printer screen and select save.

5) 2 images will appear

6) 1 is the download image, showing your file is being converted and

7) 2 an advertisement.  Once your connection is done, delete the advertisement.

Any copy requests NOT submitted using TRAC should be accompanied by a completed copy center job ticket request form.  With this form you will be able to either print and fill out the form or complete electronically and e-mail it to the copy center along with the document to be reproduced. 

Send completed job ticket and document to Copy Center via inter-campus mail, e-mail at or walk-in.  Jobs that are e-mailed the evening before can be ready by 9am the next morning.  Please note in the subject field of the e-mail the due date and time of when the job is required.

Standard turnaround time is 24 hours or “While you wait” 30 minute express service is available for jobs that are less than 500 copies.


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Page last modified: August 10, 2017