The telecommunications system encompasses all of the equipment and services that make up the campus voice communications system.  This page is intended to give the user information and instruction on how to use frequently requested features of the desk top phone set and PhoneMail message box.  For any questions regarding the campus telecommunications system contact the Telecommunications Coordinator at 925.424.1640.

Voicemail Instructions

Desktop Devices

The college has installed a digital PBX (private branch exchange) that has the ability to configure analog devises but is not VoIP capable.  Digital phones are provided for all offices, by request, and in accordance with the college deployment standards.  In-house phones, with limited dialing capability, are also available in areas of the college that are open access.

Commonly Used Phone Features

Placing a call off campus

  1. Get dial tone
  2. Enter the trunk access code
  3. Dial the 7 digit number or 1 + the area code + the 7 digit number. 

Dialing restrictions are placed on some phones. Contact the campus switchboard for assistance.

Transferring a call

  1. With the caller on the line, press the TRANSFER button
  2. Enter the extension of the office the call is to be transferred to
  3. Hang-up any time after the call begins ringing

Saving a phone number to be dialed later

When a call is not answered:

  1. Press the SAVE/ REDIAL button to store the number.
  2. Disconnect from the call
  3. When ready to try the number again
  4. Get dial tone
  5. Press the SAVE/ REDIAL button to dial the number

Other calls may be placed in between saving and redialing.  Only one number at a time may be saved and retrieved this way.

Forwarding calls to another extension

  1. Get dial tone on the line to be forwarded
  2. Press #91 and enter the extension to receive the calls.  You will hear a series of confirming tones
  3. Hang-up.  The line light will begin flashing.
  4. Stop call forwarding
  5. Get dial tone on the line
  6. Press ##91.  You will hear a series of confirming tones
  7. Hang-up. The line will stop flashing

Creating a conference call with up to 8 people

  1. Call one for the conference participants
  2. With the caller on the line press the TRANSFER button
  3. Dial the number of the next participant
  4. When they answer press the CONFERENCE button to join participants
  5. Repeat the TRANSFER > Dial > CONFERENCE sequence until all participants are there

**If a participant does not answer during this process Do Not Hang-up press the CONNECT button to return to the conference and disconnect from the no answer call.

Viewing caller ID ringing on secondary line

  1. With caller on the line press the PREVIEW button
  2. Press the line that is ringing.  The ID of the caller on the ringing line will show on the display.

This will not interrupt the call originally in progress.  Phone must have a display.

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017