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Updated: 1/27/2015

Important Dates:

  • Please pick up your assignment cardseach day.
  • If you need a business card page protector, ask at the desk.
  • Tutr 17 -- Tutor Training meets 12-2 on Fridays, January 23, 30 & February 6
  • Spring Break -- March 30-April 3. No tutoring during break
  • Prep2Pass -- Tuesday & Wednesday, May 19-20, 2015



  • It is important to check your file daily.
  • If you wish to have a room, please write your name on the sheet by the door. Please be careful not to break the plastic protector.
  • Turn in all student assignment cardss with the word dropped tutoring if they are no longer seeing you.
  • Turn in Tutr 17assignments in the appropriate tray under the new Tutor Files. Blue/yellow sheets should be placed in the white tray.
  • Turn in blue sheets weekly with your tutoring hours for records if you are being paid. Volunteers fill out a yellow sheet.
  • White board pens are available for tutors (up to 3 a semester) for free. Students must buy pens for $1.
  • There is a candy jar in the bottom tutor file drawer for your enjoyment.
  • Reference textbooks are available in room B for tutors to borrow for use in the Center only. Please place back on shelves neatly.
  • Check the tutorial page often for information and updates.
  • If you are paid for tutoring, pick up your paycheck on the last work day of each month in Building 1600 (the SSA building). (ID required)

ONCE AGAIN: It is important to check your files daily so that you do not miss assignment sheets for your students. Please call your students the day you get the assignment and start as soon as possible.

We are trying to schedule rooms but please note that math and science tutors will be scheduled first since they often use the white boards. If you have not been assigned a room, you may sign in on the door of the room. We encourage those who do not use white boards to tutor at the tables or couches in the main room. There is a double sided white board near the tables in the main room. Please feel free to use them during a tutoring session.



Please ask your student to take the online survey. Have all your students fill out the survey.

Online Survey HERE

A Blog just for tutors is now available!

Check it out and post on it. This will be an encouraging and helpful location for tutors



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Page last modified: January 27, 2015