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The Job Market

Each year the Bureau of Statistics lists the need for automotive technicians as one of the nation's highest.

Entry-level AST Certificate holders typically start at $18-25 per hour. Those who hold the AT Certificate and a California State License in the Bay Area can earn an average of $35.00 (1). Students who hope to manage a shop, own their own automotive-related business or just want to continue on to a four-year school in their futures should consider the AS degree which includes the AT Certificate plus General Education.

1) U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics San Francisco–Oakland–San Jose, CA National Compensation Survey April 2003 Washington: 2003. Hourly wage is for all workers, total mean, category of "Mechanics and repairers, n.e.c."

Here are some resources to build your network and learn more about job opportunities in the Automotive Technology field.

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