Counseling and various counselors at LPC.

Psychology Counseling Courses

Counselors teach Psychology-Counseling (PSCN) courses to support students' personal growth and development. Most of the courses below are taught every semester. Check the current Course Schedule for days and times the courses are offered.

PSCN Courses

Course Number Course Title
PSCN 3 Introduction to Counseling Theory
Learn basic theories and skills in the counseling profession
PSCN 5 Introduction to Human Services
Learn history and principles underlying the human service field
PSCN 6 Human Services Case Management
Learn methods and ethical issues in managing client cases
PSCN 7 Contemporary Issues
Dynamic Relationships: Advanced skills in creating dynamic relationships in your personal and professional life
PSCN 10 Career and Educational Planning
Make better decisions about majors and careers
PSCN 11 Interpersonal Relationships
Basic skills to improve your personal relationships
PSCN 13 Multicultural Issues in Human Services
Explores multicultural issues and their impact on our lives
PSCN 15 College Study Skills
Improve your academic skills for increased college success
PSCN 24 College Orientation/EXPO
Know what to expect your first semester of college

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017