High School/ROP Articulation

Instructions for Students

Some of the courses you have taken at your High School or through Regional Occupations Program may be eligible for either noncredit or credit articulation at Las Positas College. Eligible courses have been articulated with each High School/ROP and LPC on a course by course basis and are posted on the LPC website. Articulated LPC Courses.

If you have identified an articulated course for your school/ROP, you may apply for recognition of the articulated courses and perform the following steps:

  1. Enroll Online at Las Positas College to obtain your student identification number (W#). You must have a W# in order to apply for recognized credit. If you are unable to enroll online, you will need to visit the Admissions & Records Department at the LPC campus. You must have your photo i.d. present and a completed application. LPC Application
  2. Complete the High School/ROP Articulation Approval form in its entirety. If you need assistance, talk to your High School or ROP counselor/instructor.
  3. Sign the form and give it to your instructor for signature.
  4. Your instructor will sign the form and forward it to administration for signature.
  5. Your school administration will then forward your articulation application form to LPC by June of each academic year for processing.
  6. LPC will transcribe credits by November of each year for the previous year of articulated coursework. To confirm your college credit, log into ClassWeb with your W# and Pin. For official college transcripts, visit LPC's Admissions Office Transcript Request page.

Note: Be sure a make a copy of the application form, with signatures, for your own records.



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Page last modified: December 12, 2012