On this website you can learn about what the Math Department has to offer you at Las Positas College. Just click on the links at left to find out about our course offerings, meet our faculty and staff and find out about additional resources available to you. Click here for a Mathematics Department brochure (current as of Fall 2015).


The Mathematics Department Coordinator is Bobby August. Our department is part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Public Service Division (S.T.E.M.P.S.). Dr. Lisa Everett is the Dean of this Division.

What Courses Should I Take?

Please visit the Mathematics Courses and Prerequisite Chart Page for assistance in selecting the right course for you.

A.S.T. Mathematics Degree (for Transfer)

The Associate in Science Degree in Mathematics for Transfer is a degree intended for students transfering to the CSU system with a major in mathematics. To learn more about this degree, please consult the Las Positas College 2012-2014 Catalog, pages 134-135.


New and Upcoming Course Offerings

Math 47 Mathematics for Liberal Arts

This 3 unit transfer-level course is highly recommended for liberal arts majors needing a transfer level math course. The course is both UC and CSU transferable and satisfies transfer requirements in mathematics/quantitative reasoning for both IGETC Area 2A and CSU GE Breadth Area B4. Math 47 introduces “practical” math to non-math people; topics covered include: finance, logic, descriptive statistics, and the growth of functions. Contact Ashley McHale for more information about this course. Click here to view the course listing in the fall schedule.

Math 50 Core Intermediate Algebra



Do you struggle with math?

Math Jam!Math Jam Logo

Click here for more information about Math Jam.

What is your GOAL? Earn a degree? Transfer? Need to pass a math class to achieve your goal? Math Jam is FOR ALL students - to help you achieve your math goals - from preparing for your upcoming math courses to preparing to re-take the math Assessment (Placement) Test. We provide everything you need - including FOOD and supplies - just come ready to learn ... it's FREE. For more information, visit Math Jam at .

Are you anxious or nervous about passing algebra? We have numerous ways in which you can complete your math requirement and many different resources available to you for FREE to help you succeed in math! We offer algebra courses in a variety of different modes to meet your learning needs!

  • For some students, a one-semester class is TOO FAST. Our Algebra A and B courses are half-paced classes which cover an entire algebra course in two semesters, rather than one. The more relaxed pace allows for more time for the math concepts to sink in.
  • We also offer self-paced courses where you can work at your own pace to complete half of a course in a semester in our guided, independent learning program called Math X.
  • Our algebra courses are also offered online, to help those who cannot make it to campus on a regular basis.

    As you can see, there are many different ways to complete an algebra course, from self-paced, to half-paced to online.

To see which mode is best for you, look at all of your choices by clicking on: What are A&B, X&Y and HY?

Course Repetition Policy (for replacing a sub-standard grade)

There is a state mandated Repetition Policy for the Chabot-Las Positas District that is retroactive to the date a student first started taking courses within the district (at either Chabot or Las Positas)

What does this mean for students? 

  • Within the district, a student is allowed to attempt a course (or courses equivalent to it) at total of THREE TIMES.  If the first attempt is unsuccessful (W, D, F, or NC (No Credit)), a student has two additional attempts to complete the course with a passing grade (C, B, A or Cr (Credit)).

  • After three attempts to pass a course (or equivalent course), students will be blocked from registering for that course (or its equivalents) again at either Las Positas or Chabot College unless a special circumstance petition is approved, as described in the Administrative Rules and Procedures.

Click here for more information and for a table of mathematics course equivalencies.

Please direct comments and suggestions about the Mathematics Department Website to Howard Blumenfeld.

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Page last modified: January 19, 2016