Part-Time Faculty


Rob Schmidt
Rob Schmidt
Part-Time Chemistry Faculty and
Scientist at Lawence Livermore National Lab (LLNL)

studying the synthesis of high-explosive compounds

voicemail: (925)-373-5800 ext. 2788
M.S., Chemistry, Oregon State University
B.S., Chemistry, University of California, Irvine
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy (retired)

Courses: Chemistry 31, 30A, 30B

Ed Brennan Edward Brennan, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty at LPC and Merritt College

B.S. in Soil and Water Conservation at Colorado State University
M.S. at Colorado State University
Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry at Colorado State University

Courses at LPC: Chemistry 1A, 1B, 30A
Dr. Brennan is also involved in research in the Guatemalan Rainforest.

Anthony Chuma

Anthony Chuma, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty at Las Positas College and Diablo Valley College

Postdoctoral Researcher: Stanford University (Stanford, CA) with Dr. Julia Rice (CPIMA)

PhD in Chemistry: University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR), with Prof. Peter Pulay (Quantum Chemistry)

Bachelors Degree: Newman University (Wichita, KS)

Associates Degree: Butler County Community College (El Dorado, KS)
Courses at LPC: Chem 31, 30A, 30B​, 1A, 1B

Sue King-Irwin

Sue King-Irwin
Part-Time Chemistry Faculty

M.S., Chemistry, Cal State University, East Bay
B.S., Chemistry, Occidental College (Los Angeles)

Courses at LPC: Chemistry 31, 1A, 1B

Beverly Symmank Beverly Symmank, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty

phonemail: 925-373-5800 ext. 2458 Ph.D. Stanford University in Organic Chemistry
B.S. Southern Oregon University
(formerly Southern Oregon State College)

Courses: Chemistry 1A, 1B, 30A, 30B and 31 at LPC

Mavrik Zavarin

Mavrik Zavarin, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty and Staff Member at LLNL

Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Soils Chemistry
B.S. from UC Berkeley in Chemistry


Courses: Chem 30A and 30B

Professor Gheorghiu

Mircea D. Gheorghiu, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty

B.S. Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, Romania
M.S. Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, Romania
Ph.D. Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, Romania
PostDoc: Cornell University

Courses at LPC: Chemistry 1A, 12A


Gabriela Chirica

Gabriela Chirica, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty

B.E. Organic Chemistry University of Cluj, Romania
2001 Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Oregon State University with Prof Vincent Remcho

2001-2012 Scientist at Sandia National Lab
2012-present Teaching Science and STEM, Livermore School District


Courses at LPC: Chemistry 31 and 30A

Part-Time Faculty from recent years

Allan Peoples
H. Allan Peoples, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty

Phonemail: 925.424.1000 x2216

B.Sc., University of Strathclyde
M.Sc., University of Calgary
Ph.D., University of Utah

Courses: Chemistry 30A and 30B
Dr. Peoples retired from Las Positas College in 2013.

Dr. Joe Hickey

Joseph P. Hickey, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty

BS, Chemistry, University of Maryland College Park
PhD, Chemistry, University of California Berkeley with Prof. Groves
Courses at LPC: Chem 1A
Dr. Hickey also teaches at College of Alameda

Matt Fitzgerald Matt Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty in Chemistry and Biology

B.S. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Oregon State in 1994
Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Texas A&M in 1999


Courses at LPC: Biology 31, Microbiology, Chemistry 30B, 31

Michael Heying, Ph.D
Michael Heying, Ph.D
Part-Time Faculty and Consultant
Ph.D. Purdue University, Chemical Engineering


Courses at LPC: Chemistry 1B and 31

Brad Pesavento
Brad Pesavento, Ph.D.
Part-Time faculty and Scientist at LLNL

Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX)


Courses at LPC: Biology 31, Chem 31

Frank Cappuccio

Frank Cappuccio, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz with Dr. Singaram
B.S. in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz
Postdoctoral Research with Dr. Gervay-Hague at UC Davis


Courses at LPC: Chemistry 1A, 31

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