Majoring in Chemistry

What Can You Do with a Degree in Chemistry?

There are many careers, both in the field of Chemistry and in other fields, available to individuals with degrees in Chemistry. Chemists have excellent manipulative skills and are very much at home in laboratory settings, whether in research, industry, or commerce. Chemists develop superb problem-solving skills and learn how to think both inductively and deductively. Chemists are employed in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, paints and coatings, cosmetics, food laboratories, libraries, material science, environmental testing, biotechnology, geochemistry and oceanography, and many other areas. The American Chemical Society maintains a career center with information about careers that utilize chemistry.

What Type of Academic Preparation Will You Need?

Excellent jobs are available with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry. If you seek a Master's Degree or a Doctorate, you will find many opportunities in both academic and industrial laboratories. Salaries are generally good, and job security is better than in many other professions.

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