Financial Aid

Student Federal Workstudy

FWS is employment financed with federal funds. Students receive a monthly paycheck for hours worked (the hourly rate currently ranges from $10.50 - $12.00 per hour). The total a student may earn depends on the student's unmet financial need and the amount of the FWS award the student is offered, which is determined by the Financial Aid Office. FWS jobs on-campus allow students to work in-between their classes, and offer excellent opportunities for work experience, sometimes in the student's academic field. There are also positions designed to assist students in providing service to the community which may be located off campus. To find out about FWS positions available, contact the financial aid office. Positions are filled on a first-come-first-served basis, and may require interviews to be hired. Students should be prepared to submit a resume or list of work experience and available hours when applying. Federal Workstudy positions are considered as part of the student's financial aid award.

Work-Study Jobs On Campus

Available workstudy positions

Student Assistant Positions

These on-campus jobs are funded by individual Departments of the college. No Financial Aid application is required. Areas of campus which typically hire are the Bookstore (Bldg. 1300), Learning Resource Center (Bldg. 2100), Disabled Student Services (Bldg. 1600), and Tutorial Center (Bldg. 1000).


CalWORKs Workstudy Positions

Students receiving AFDC/TANF funds are eligible for the CalWORKS Program. CalWORKS offers special counseling, assistance with child care, transportation, books, support groups, special job-readiness workshops, and other services to assist students. It also offers workstudy opportunities funded by the CalWORKS Program. Students should contact 925.424.1459 for further information. CalWORKS students are eligible for federal Title IV funding if they meet the required eligibility criteria, and may receive part of their workstudy funds through federal workstudy funds and part through Cal Works if eligible. If federal workstudy funds are used to pay part of a Cal Works student's workstudy job, the Cal Works portion of the student's pay must be considered as part of the student's award package.


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Page last modified: January 29, 2018