Interested in a Geology major?

Here are the lower division courses in Geology available to you at LPC spread over two years

First semester at LPC: Geology 1 Lecture

Second semester at LPC: Geology 1 Laboratory

Third semester at LPC: Geology 12 aka Oceanography

Fourth semester at LPC: Geology 12 Laboratory aka Oceanography lab

Additional courses are taught intermittantly including Geology 3 aka Historical Geology lecture and laboratory, Environmental Geology 5 aka Hazards and Disasters, and Environmental Geology 7 aka Resources, Use Impacts and Pollution. Watch the class schedule closely for these additional opportunities, as they are only offered every few years.

Interested in transfering to finish a four year degree in Geology?

Many colleges nationwide have excellent Geology programs. Below are links to several California universities with Geology programs:

San Francisco State University

UC Davis

UC Santa Cruz

San Jose State University

Sonoma State University

Stanford University

UC Berkeley







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Geology Program

Ruth Hanna
Geology Faculty
Room 1829/1824
Geology Home Page

Carol Edson
Geology Lab Technician
Room 1824

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017