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Resources for Successful Students

What do Successful Math Students do?

Successful students know that when they are struggling, they are learning. To help you productively struggle, there are lots of FREE RESOURCES on campus to help you achieve your math goal!!

Tutorial Center, Room 2401

The Tutorial Center in Building 2400 offers free peer tutoring. Emporium students are welcome to attend any of their drop-in math help hours. Most of our Emporium classrooms will be staffed by a student tutor, but if your Emporium classroom does not have a student tutor, then you can sign up for weekly one-on-one tutoring. Make sure you sign up for a tutor at the beginning of the semester, as they can go fast!!

Open Math Lab, Room 601

The Open Math Lab in Room 601 offers free drop-in, just in time assistance for all LPC math students. In this Open Math Lab you can receive help from a math faculty member. Students are encouraged to meet up with their fellow classmates and work together in the lab, asking for assistance when needed. The Math Department has provided lab assistance because we believe that the learning of mathematics is easier with the help of your instructors and fellow students.

Your Math Instructor

Math Faculty members have office hours specifically to give them a chance to provide students with assistance in a more personalized way than class time can allow. You are encouraged to approach your instructor during office hours and ask questions on a regular basis.

Other Math Emporium Classes

Math Emporium students are required to attend the section in which they are enrolled, however, they are also allowed and encouraged to come to the center as often as they want. The instructor, IA and student tutor in any Math Emporium section is there to support all Math Emporium students.

Your Fellow Students!

90% of what you talk about, you remember – so form a study group and support each other. Group study rooms are available in the Open Math Lab on a first-come-first-serve basis or can be reserved in the library with just the click of a button.

Math Emporium Coordinator:

Jennie Graham
Office: 2191

Math Emporium

Room 607

Hours of operation:
9:30 am to 9:15 pm
Monday - Thursday