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What is the Math Emporium?

In this mode, students have the ability to complete their basic skills math courses in a personalized mode.

Students will:

  • Be exposed to study skills that are built into the course material.
  • Be able to briefly review chapter content before taking a Knowledge Check to determine their preparedness for a chapter.
  • Work at their own pace on homework sets that are created based on their skill set.
  • Attend workshops on topics they feel they need help with.
  • Decide when they are ready to take a test.
  • Take the length of time they need when testing (within the hours of operation).
  • Self-accelerate through the material.
  • Be able to complete the course they enrolled in and possibly the next course in the sequence too!

What kind of student excels in the Emporium Model?

  • Student who attend every class day.
  • Students who work diligently on material both in class and outside of class.
  • Students who construct a good working relationship with their instructor and instructional assistants.
  • Students who take full advantage of the all support resources available online, in-class and on campus.
  • Students who are committed to learning.
  • Students who want to accelerate their math sequence.

What are the differences between taking a math class in the Emporium Mode and Lecture Mode?

Emporium Lecture
Pace is set by the student. Pace is set by the instructor
Student determines how much time they need to spend on a concept before moving on. Student may have to move forward before fully grasping a concept.
All assigned practice assignments much be complete before testing. Homework might not have been completed, or even attempted, before testing.
Focus of practice will be on what the student is personally struggling with, not all of the content. Student must practice all of the content for full credit.
Small group workshops led by the instructor, instructional IA, or a student tutor. Students pick which topics they are interested in attending. The entire class listens to a lecture led by the instructor.
Student chooses the date and length of time for their exams. Exam dates and times are fixed by the instructor.
Multiple attempts to pass an exam (master the content). One attempt at an exam. Pass or fail, you move on to the next section of content.
Personalized review and support between attempts. Minimal revisiting of concepts.

What is Mastery Learning?

One of the key features of the Math Emporium is that it uses Mastery Learning as a corner stone. You must show that you understand (have mastered) a certain percentage of the material before you are allowed to move on to the next chapter. In this way, students are no longer just struggling to get by, but are building a stronger foundation for their future material.

Math Emporium Coordinator:

Jennie Graham
Office: 2191

Math Emporium

Room 607

Hours of operation:
9:30 am to 9:15 pm
Monday - Thursday