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How Do I Incorporate Writing into My Course?

There are many ways to integrate writing into any classroom. What follows is a resource in progress. "High" and "Low Stakes" writing assignments are easy ways to begin integrating writing into any course.

  • Create High and Low stakes writing assignments for your class
    • Low stakes writing is informal and often ungraded writing that students complete in class or at home.
      • Journals
      • Summaries
      • Free-writes
        • Have students write about a class topic without stopping for a specific amount of time. If they get student, they should not stop. Tell them to write "I am stuck" over and over if they have to, but they should not stop for the entire time (often 5-10 minutes)
    • The act of writing helps students work through class ideas, and with "low stakes" writing, the instructor can have students write without creating more grading for the teacher.


  • High Stakes writing is more formal writing than low stakes writing. High stakes writing asks the instructor to take the class through the writing pocess from the first stages of brainstorming to a final draft.


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