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Chemistry Department Faculty and Staff

The Las Positas College Chemistry Department has three full-time faculty members and several adjuct faculty members. We are supported by three full-time lab technicians who also support the Biology program. The division is also supported by two administrative assistants and headed by the Dr. Neal Ely, Dean of the Division of Math, Science, Engineering and Public Safety, who has a doctorate in Chemistry.

Full Time Faculty

Laboratory Technicians

Part-Time Faculty

Emeritus Faculty and Staff

Dean and Administrative Assistants

Can you find the three turkeys on campus? (See below, February 2006)

Wild Turkeys at LPC

Chemistry Department

Michael Ansell

Adeliza Flores

Richard Grow

or contact:
Lisa Everett
Dean of Math, Science, Engineering and Public Safety

Meet the Chemistry

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Page last modified: June 03, 2013