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Research shows that children benefit when their parents are engaged and involved in their program.  The Las Positas Child Development Center encourages parent participation in the child’s program.  Please talk with your child’s teacher or the Program Director to determine how you can get involved.  Parents are welcomed to drop-in any time and visit with their child.  Parents or guardians are welcome to visit the school any time and siblings are always welcome when parents are present.  We ask that parents stay alert and responsible for the child’s siblings while visiting.

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While parents participate in the program, parents (and siblings) are expected to comply, cooperate, and apply all school rules and policies, and defer to the directions and guidance of the teaching staff maintained by the program. The Las Positas Child Development Center maintains an open door policy to all currently enrolled children and their families in the program.

For the safety of our children, families, and staff, if a person or persons have no business or appointment or connection with the child development center, the teaching staff will ask those persons to leave the premises. 

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The Child Development Center has an open-door policy and invites all parents of currently enrolled children to observe their child at play through each classroom's observation window. Please feel free to make use of these booths at any time, though plan to use campus long-term parking lots for this purpose (rather than curbside parking in front of the Center). Parents wishing to socialize with one another are requested to do so in the reception/lobby area after signing their child in or out of the classroom. Responsibility for your child is yours once you have signed him/her out at the end of a session.

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We hold a variety of parent/teacher and family functions each year and we invite everyone to attend. These include parent cafes and socials, open houses, and informational meetings (on such topics a language development, early learning, discipline, and kindergarten transition). Individual parent/teacher conferences are scheduled each semester (and as requested) to discuss children’s developmental and academic progress.

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The Child Development Center works closely with community agencies supporting parent/professional partnerships through parent education and information. The local organization, Child Care Links, is available to provide educational, parenting, community resources for those interested (925 - 417- 8733)



Prior to the start of the school year in August, the Las Positas College Child Development Center holds a classroom orientation for parents.  All parents are expected to attend, new and returning.  School policies and procedures are discussed as well as any projected changes and/or events through the school year.




Twice a year, the preschool teachers posts signups for parent-teacher conferences (winter and spring).  In addition, teachers, parents or guardians, and or the Program Director, may request a conference to discuss specific issues or concerns as needed.  If you have questions or concerns, please arrange an appointment with your child’s teacher or the director for a conference.  You do not need to wait until the regularly scheduled times to have conferences.  We must all work together to best meet the needs of children.




This reception area is a multi-purpose room. During the day it will be used primarily for parents staff and students connected with the Child Development Center. You are welcome to study, have quiet conversations, have your lunch and use your cell phone for brief local phone calls of a business nature.




The conference room is occasionally reserved for meetings and special events during the day and evening.  Reservation for the conference room must be scheduled with the Administration Office, Bldg. 100. Because the reception room is a multi-purpose room, all users need to be respectful of the rights of others. It is a place for quiet conversations, group study, meals, and breaks. If you need a quiet study area, please use the library on campus. Discussion is encouraged, but louder conversations can go outside to the front of the center, being mindful of nearby offices and ECD classes in session.  Be sensitive to the children’s schedules of group time and rest time.




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