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Computer Information Systems


LaVaughn Hart

  • AA Computer Information Systems, Las Positas College
  • BVE Sacramento State University (in progress)

Subject Taught

  • Computer Information Systems

Ms. Hart went to work for a small non-profit in the community relations department after she finished high school. "You learn everything," she says, "when you are in a small company with a lot to do. I liked it because there was always something different every day." She then moved on to work as the clerk for the County Board of Education for Contra Costa County. "I dealt with the elected board, the board supervisor, and the general public."

When computers became more common, Ms. Hart realized there was "very little out there in the way of training for the new desktop publishing applications and word processing applications" and soon found herself writing textbooks for Prentice Hall. While at Prentice Hall she was recruited by Las Positas College and Chabot to be an instructor.

"The students here are an amazement," she says. "They have so many things going on in their lives, yet they are here taking time to learn to go on to better things. It's a privilege to work with them."