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Students working in computer lab

Computer Studies


Programs in the Computer Studies cluster (Computer Information Systems, Computer Networking Technology, and Computer Sciences) deliver courses that provide educational opportunities and support for students to:

  • Gain new skills and further develop existing skills needed to effectively use computer technology in workplace and academic environments.
  • Gain new skills and further develop existing skills needed for a broad range of career fields that require effective use of computer applications, networks, databases, web development skills, or programming skills.
  • Transfer to four-year institutions to pursue students' chosen educational and career goals.


The three disciplines in the Computer Studies cluster offer a variety of degrees, certificates of achievement, and career certificates that provide students with a pattern of coursework linked to specific careers and/or pathways to four-year institutions.

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • AS: Computer Information Technologist
  • AA: Computer Information Systems

Certificate of Achievement:

  • Computer Applications Software (Microcomputers)

Career Certifications:

  • Web Development
  • Project Management

Computer Networking Technology (CNT)

  • AS: Network Security and Administration

Certificate of Achievements:

  • Cisco Network Associate
  • Cisco Network Professional

Career Certifications:

  • Computer Desktop OS Security
  • Computer Forensics Examiner
  • Computer Network Administration (Microsoft)
  • Computer Network Technician
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Network and Wireless Security
  • TCP/IP Network Analysis

Computer Science (CS)

  • AS: Computer Science
  • AS: Computer Programming
  • AS: Computer Programming for the Web

Career Certifications:

  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Programming for the Web