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LPC Engineering Club

Welcome to the home page of the Las Positas College Engineering Club!

LPC Engineering Club


Come join the Engineering Club! Many exciting activities and events are being planned for the semester. The trebuchet project is off to a start. Material has been purchased to build the frame. The first construction workshop was held last Friday on October 5. These workshops will be held every Friday until construction is complete.

At the last meeting, it was decided to hold meetings only once a month. The next meeting will be announced soon. Also, purchasing a high-speed camera to film the club's projects in action was discussed. Money from the budget has been set aside to purchase one.

Club Day is on October 24 and October 25! Come out to support the Engineering Club!


Club meetings are Wednesdays starting at 3:30 in room 1822.

Join our Facebook page: LPC Engineering Club


The Engineering Club will be having regularly scheduled workshops every Friday from 2:30 - 6:30 in the engineering lab (room 1822). The goal of these workshops is the constuction of a trebuchet capable of launching a small pumpkin. Come and help the Engineering Club prove the lab tech wrong and show that students can actually build something that works!


President Taha Rizvi

Vice President Arick Jones

Secretary Mariette Souppe

Treasurer Giann Penalba

ICC Representative Jason Koth

Club Advisor: Keith Level


Last year, the club went on field trips to the University of Pacific and to the University of California at Davis. While there, club members met with former Las Positas students. Tours were given and a wonderful informal question/answer session provided students with the inside secrets of the schools. The success of these field trips has spurred a growing interest in checking out more Engineering programs at the various universities around the area.

Other field trips to observe engineering in action are currently being discussed in the meetings. Visiting such organizations as Google and Caltrans are being looked into. If you have more ideas, please contact Taha or come to one of our meetings.


Building 1800

Keith Level
Engineering Faculty

Scott Miner
Welding Faculty

Nan Ho
Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Public Safety Dean