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Extended Opportunities Program

EOPS Services

EOPS offers a variety of services: financial grants and book certificates; academic, career, and personal counseling; new student orientation and readiness programs; special assistance in tutoring and peer advising; transfer counseling; field trips and cultural enrichment activities; and information and referral services.

Financial Assistance

  • Book vouchers
  • School supplies
  • Assistance in completing registration and financial aid forms|
  • Vocational education funding for childcare and transportation
  • Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) services for single parents if eligible
    • Automotive Repair/Maintenance Service
    • Child Care Reimbursement Program
    • Transportation Assistance

Counseling and Orientations

  • Academic and personal counseling
  • Educational Plan
  • Career Counseling/Assessment
  • Recommendation Letters for scholarships and jobs
  • Orientation to EOPS and LPC options/responsibilities
  • Psychological Counseling

Instructional Support Services

  • Free individual tutorial services
  • Support groups and classes (1 transferable unit)
  • Workshops: personal statements for scholarship and transfer applications for UC and CSU higher education institutions
  • Computer Ownership

Outreach and Recruitment

  • EOPS Club activities
  • EOPS Awards Celebration

University Transfer

  • Transfer Information and assistance in transferring to higher educational institutions
  • Assistance with admission applications, fee waivers, personal essays, and EOP applications

Registration Assistance

  • Early priority registration



Building 1600
Room 1668

Tel: 925-424-1598
Fax: 925-606-8967


Office Hours

Spring 2015








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Page last modified: March 15, 2012