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Theater Arts

Looking to continue your creative approach to education? Look no further than the THEATER ARTS DEPARTMENT!

A unique blend of hands-on learning, personal creative exploration, and history and culture, theater is a wonderful way to continue to grow as a student and as an artist. The Theater Arts major is designed to provide knowledge, training, and practical experience in a variety of areas which can be used in continuing participation and appreciation of theater and film throughout life.

The curriculum provides the essential lower-division courses necessary for transfer to similar programs at four-year institutions, as well as assisting students towards employment in professional, academic and community theater. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year college or university; therefore it is essential that the student also refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor.

Please check out the most recent and updated schedule (online) for the FALL semester at:

Upcoming Events:


If you weren't able to ake the auditions, please feel free to join us at CALLBACKS, Tuesday 8/26 at 6:30PM. Hope to see you there!


Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Dean

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Page last modified: September 18, 2014