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Theater Arts

Looking to continue your creative approach to education? Look no further than the THEATER ARTS DEPARTMENT! A unique blend of hands-on learning, personal creative exploration, and history and culture, theater is a wonderful way to continue to grow as a student and as an artist. The Theater Arts major is designed to provide knowledge, training, and practical experience in a variety of areas which can be used in continuing participation and appreciation of theater and film throughout life. The curriculum provides the essential lower-division courses necessary for transfer to similar programs at four-year institutions, as well as assisting students towards employment in professional, academic and community theater. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year college or university; therefore it is essential that the student also refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor.

Please check out the most recent and updated schedule (online) for the FALL semester at:

Upcoming Production:

Interested in acting? Audition for the Fall Play, William Shakespeare's THE COMEDY OF ERRORS, in August. Auditions will be 8/23 at 6:30PM and 8/24 at 2:00PM in the Black Box Theater. Please memorize and prepare to present a 1-2 minute classical comedic monologue. Email with questions!

Fall 2014 Classes Seeking Students:

Want to see what it's like being in a musical? Terrible at singing and dancing? We would love to have you anyway! Join THEA 39 Musical Theater with Titian Lish & Diana Cefalo. If you have taken the course before, you can now repeat it up to three times. This fun class blends acting, history, dance, and music into a wonderful learning experience.

Looking to see more theater, and get credit for it? Join THEA 14: Bay Area Theater, a theater appreciation course, where the work is also fun! Email for more information.

Love children? Want to bring your love of theater to tiny tykes? Take Children's Theater (THEA 5) with Ken Ross! for the adorable specifics.

And lastly - if you are good with your hands (or aren't, but want to be) join Anne Kendall in either of her Technical Theater courses (THEA 40 or THEA 48 - a Saturday course) where you will learn to we make this crazy thing called theater work in live performance! Email her at if you have questions.



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Page last modified: July 17, 2014