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Looking to continue your creative approach to education? Look no further than the THEATER ARTS DEPARTMENT!

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“To me what is so great about the theater program at Las Positas is the focus on and commitment to the students. The energy from the theater teachers is contagious and really helps the students revel in the passion, fun, and growth that comes from taking the courses. It really is such a close knit family, with open arms to new personalities and faces.” - Josh T.

A unique blend of hands-on learning, personal creative exploration, and history and culture, theater is a wonderful way to continue to grow as a student and as an artist. Our student-centered coursework and productions offer many different opportunities for students to become involved in the program and college in a meaningful, academic, and career-centered way.

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Importance of Being Earnest 2015
Chicago 2016
Forum 2015
Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter 2015
Comedy of Errors 2014
Cabaret 2015
Hair 2013
Spring Awakening 2014
Godspell 2012




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Page last modified: July 16, 2017