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Academic Programs

Academic Services & Programs

Roanna Bennie, Vice President of Academic Services

  • Carolyn Scott, Executive Assistant   925.424.1104
  • Carmen McCauley, Administrative Assistant   925.424.1111 
  • Andrea Migliaccio, Curriculum & Scheduling Specialist   925.424.1108  
  • Vicki Shipman, Career Tech Education Project Manager 925.424.1355 
  • Scott Vigallon, Distance Education   925.424.1654
  • Jeff Sperry, Distance Education   925.424.1655   


Arts, Letters and Social Sciences   (ALSS)

Don Miller, Ph.D., Dean

  • Valerie Ball, Administrative Assistant  


Humanities & Fine Arts: Art, Humanities, Interior Design, Philosophy, Photography, Religious Studies, Visual Communications.
Language Arts & Communications: English, English as a Second Language; Foreign Languages (American Sign Language, French, Italian, Spanish), Mass Communications.
Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Speech, Theater Arts.
Social Science: Anthropology, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, Women's Studies.

Building 4000, Room 4111  -  925.424.1383

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Public Safety    (STEMPS)

Lisa Everett, Ed.D., Dean

  • Karin Rose, Administrative Assistant  


Applied Technologies: Automotive Technology, Welding Technology.
Computing Studies: Computer Information Systems, Computer Information Systems - Computer Applications Software, Computer Network Technology - Internetworking Technology & Cisco, Computer Network Technology - Computer Network Technician, Computer Network Technology - Computer Network Administration (Microsoft), Computer Network Technology - Cisco Network Associate, Computer Network Technology - Cisco Network Professional, Computer Science, Computer Science - Computer ProgrammingComputer Science - Computer Programming for the Web, Electronics Technology.
Mathematics, Engineering and Science: Astronomy, Biological Sciences (Anatomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Ecology, Microbiology, Physiology, and Zoology) , Chemistry, Geology, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Public Safety: Administration of Justice, Fire Service Technology, Emergency Medical Technician, EMT-Paramedic, Occupational Safety & Health, Radiation Safety.

Building 2100, Room 2132  -  925.424.1183

Behavioral Sciences, Business & Athletics

Dyan Miller, Dean and Athletic Director

  • Mary Hargiss, Administrative Assistant  

Behavioral Sciences: Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Development - Associate Teacher Certificate, Early Childhood Development - Basic Teacher Certificate, Early Childhood Development - Family Childcare, Psychology.
Business, Entrepreneurialism, and Marketing: Accounting Technician, Administrative Assistant, Business, Business Administration, Business Entrepreneurship, Business Workforce Proficiency, Economics, Marketing, Marketing - Retailing, Retail Management.
Kinesiology, Health, Athletics, and Nutrition: Athletics, Health, Kinesiology, Coaching, Sports Medicine, Nutrition.

Horticulture / Viticulture: Horticulture, Viticulture & Winery Technology (Viticulture, Enology).

Building 2500, Room PE 16  -  925.424.1274

Office of Academic Services

Building 1600
Room 1690

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Page last modified: February 29, 2016