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Course Units Description
THEA 1A - Theory/Practice of Acting I 3 Introduction to the techniques and theories of acting, explored through improvisation, exercises and scene study. Development of the physical and psychological resources for acting including relaxation, concentration, creativity, believability, and commitment.
THEA 1B - Theory/Practice of Acting II 3 Continued exploration of the theory and practice of acting, focusing on more complex characterization and character analysis. Introduction to theatrical styles and period acting using monologues and scenes. Prerequisite: Theater Arts 1A (or equivalent).
THEA 3A/B - Theater Improvisation 3 Workshop exercises in theater experience through short and long format improvisation games! Mimes, characterizations, scene setting, mood and material for extended ensemble improvisation. Recommended for non-theater as well as theater majors.
THEA 5 - Children's Theater 3 Introduction to the techniques of children's theater. Creation and performance of a theatrical production designed for children in local shows and for local audiences. Be a kid’s hero on stage! Join the show! Casting subject to audition.
THEA 25 - Fundamentals of Stage Speech 3 Theory and practice of speech improvement for acting. Development of the voice, articulation and pronunciation for theater production. Covers speeches and oral traditions from 1600 to the present. Be the most interesting person at dinner, as you wow them all with your many accents!
THEA 31 A/B/C/D - Drama Workshop 3 Ever wanted to try directing or creating your own theater experience? This student-centered course focuses on experimental workshop plays, original student scripts, and other projects, possibly leading to scheduled performances.
THEA 39A/B/C - Musical Theater Workshop 4 Training in performance skills for the musical theater. Become a triple-threat as you hone your skills in acting, song, and dance! No experience necessary!
THEA 47A-D– Performance in Production 3 Let your star shine! This is your moment – join the theater program and live out your dream of being on the stage! Participation in cast of scheduled major production. Enrollment is for the duration of the production. Enrollment by audition only.

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Course Units Description
THEA 4 – American Cultures in Theater 3 The history, representation and contributions of various ethnic groups in American theater and the study of theater as an instrument for expressing and understanding cultural identity.
THEA 10 - Introduction to Dramatic Arts 3 Explore the history of theater through lively lecture and active participation in this course, designed to help you develop a greater appreciation and understanding of a 2500 yr. old art form.
THEA 11 - Stage To Film 3 Major plays which subsequently have been made into films. Analysis of play scripts augmented by a viewing and analysis of the film adaptation. Major areas of concentration vary from semester to semester.
THEA 12 - Film As Art & Communication 4 Introduction to film as art and communication. Analysis of film expression including narrative, documentary, and experimental. Show up all of your friends with your intricate understanding of the techniques in filmmaking for storytelling.
THEA 14 - Bay Area Theatre 3 Appreciation of currently available theater performance by reading, evaluating, and having the option of attending as many as eight plays concurrently in performance in the area. Credit for more than 1 unit requires completion of special projects. Get credit for supporting the arts!
THEA 53 - Script Analysis 3 Develops critical thinking , analysis, and writing skills as they apply to the exploration of the principles, theories and techniques of play script analysis for theatrical production. Class content includes the historical and cultural context of various kinds of script; genre and form; narrative and plot analysis; linguistic analysis; interpreting stage directions; and identification of main themes. Emphasis on effective written communication in literature. Research required.

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"Design is 70 percent of the theatergoing experience, so tech is when the play goes right or terribly wrong." - Annie Baker

Course Units Description
THEA 48A-D - Technical Theater in Production 3 Help bring the artistic vision of a play to life by assisting in the creation of the set and costumes of the play. Without you, the show can’t go on!
THEA 50 - Stagecraft 3 Introduction to technical aspects of theatrical production, including theater architecture and scenic design, set construction and painting, drafting and rendering, production organization, lighting and sound design. “Get your feet wet” and your hands dirty in this active and activity-based class.
THEA 50L - Intro to Stage Lighting 3 Research, imagine and design lighting for a play or musical for production in the Las Positas College Theater. Experience how lighting can help set the mood, from dramatic to romantic, in this speciality course!
THEA 51 - Intro to Costume Design 3 Students will study costume history, design, and basic construction techniques as an introduction to basic theatrical costuming. Introduction to basic makeup design; makeup application techniques and design; special effects makeup techniques.
THEA 52 - Intro to Design 3 Students will be offered a survey of the design and history of scenery, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup, properties, theatrical equipment and construction techniques through demonstration, and laboratory experience. Information is applicable to all formal theatrical applications.

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