Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes Committee

The Student Learning Outcomes Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators, drawn from a variety of campus divisions. Several committee members have specific roles. View their roles.

Committee charge:

To elicit board perspectives and advice regarding learning goals for all Las Positas students, faculty, administrators, and staff. This group provides an advisory linkage to the Academic Senate on matters pertaining to the College’s immediate and long range plans to integrate student learning outcomes and assessment at the course, program, and institutional levels. With the advice and consent of the Academic Senate, this group reviews core competencies for LPC students and develops strategies and timelines for incorporating and coordinating these competencies into learning outcomes inherent in courses and programs. The Student Learning Outcomes group works with the Curriculum Committee, Program Review, and Staff Development, establishing policies and procedures concerning the institutionalization of SLOs and assessment at LPC, which will be brought to the Senate for review and approval. In addition to providing support and materials needed for the development of SLOs and assessment, this group also coordinates, collects, and archives assessment activities in all sectors and organizes campus dialogue process concerning student learning outcomes and assessment.

The committee meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month, from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in Room 2411A.

2017-18 committee members

  • Ann Hight (co-chair)
  • 2 Faculty representatives from each Division
    • A&H: Martin Nash, Angelo Bummer
    • MSEPS: Robin Rehagen, Jennie Graham
    • CATSS: John Ruys (co-chair Spring 2018), Akihiko Hirose
    • BHAWK: Vacant
  • 1 Faculty representative from Student Services: Rafael Valle
  • Vice President, Academic Services
  • Division Dean: Amir Law
  • Institutional Research and Planning: Rajinder Samra
  • Classified: Scott Vigallon
  • 2 Student representative: Vacant


All documents below are in the PDF format.

2017-18 Agendas

2017-18 Minutes

Student Learning Outcomes

John Ruys
SLO Committee Co-Chair

Ann Hight
SLO Committee Co-Chair

Madeline Wiest
Curriculum and SLO Specialist

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