Student Learning Outcomes

eLumen Info & Instructions

eLumen is an online system that manages SLOs and the assessment cycle. It allows faculty to see how well students are meeting the outcomes at the course, program and institutional levels. Most importantly, it gives faculty the opportunity to identify areas in courses that might need to be improved in the future.

eLumen instructions

Choose your role:

  • Instructor (with Member access in eLumen...includes all adjuncts and those full-time instructors who are not discipline representatives. Members can only enter assessment data and improvement recommendations.)
  • Discpline representative (with Coordinator access in eLumen...includes only full-time instructors. Coordinators can perform a variety of tasks in eLumen, including entering SLOs and assessments.)
  • Student Services

Student Learning Outcomes

John Ruys
SLO Committee Chair


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Page last modified: March 23, 2016