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EMT Basic Program

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are emergency responders trained to provide immediate care for sick or injured people and transport them to medical facilities. On ambulances, they work in teams of two and may request additional assistance from the police and/or fire departments. Their team may consist of two EMTs, or they may be assigned to work with a Paramedic. EMT certification is also required for most firefighter positions. Additionally, EMTs are used to provide medical support at sporting events and concerts.

While transporting the patient to the medical facility, the team remains in contact with the health care team at the hospital in order to receive special instructions and allow the hospital to be prepared for their arrival. At the scene of the emergency the team assesses the individuals to determine the nature and extent of the injuries and illnesses, while also determining if the patients have other preexisting conditions that should be considered during treatment, such as epilepsy or diabetes. Emergency medical technicians may open airways, restore breathing, control bleeding, treat for shock, administer epinephrine, administer oxygen, assist in childbirth, treat heart attack victims using an automated external defibrillator, and perform other basic procedures. When working with a Paramedic, EMTs provide invaluable assistance in the performance of their duties.

Careers within the field of Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) are in great demand due to a growing aging population. The EMT program at Las Positas College provides students with the training to become first-responders in the event of a medical emergency. The skills taught in this program include pre-hospital care and transport as well as the advanced definitive care provided in the emergency department in hospitals.

Contact Info

Nan Ho
Dean of Academic Services
Math, Science, Engineering, & Public Safety


Ron Johansen
Fire Service Technology
Program Coordinator


Sebastian Wong
Paramedic & EMT
Program Coordinator

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Pass/Fail Report

Licensure Information

This is a new program beginning Fall 2017; there is currently no data for passage rates. Passage rates will be posted after the first cohort has completed the program.