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EMTs are employed by private ambulance services, police, fire or rescue squads and hospitals. Emergency medical technicians are trained to provide immediate care to critically ill or injured patients. Often, they are the first person to treat victims of accidents or illnesses and must be able to judge the nature and severity of the injury and stabilize the patient until a physician can care for the patient. EMTs drive ambulances with special communication and medical equipment and are responsible for keeping them stocked with medical supplies. Due to the nature of the job, EMTs often work nights, weekends and holidays. General wages for an EMT: $20,800 - $35,360 per year.

Note: All professional full-time firefighters are required to become an EMT in California in all agencies with full time professional firefighters (not just in some agencies).

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This is a new program beginning Fall 2017; there is currently no data for passage rates. Passage rates will be posted after the first cohort has completed the program.