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Evaluation of Course Requirements for Current Major

All students receiving Veterans Benefits are required to submit official academic transcripts from all schools attended before, during or after military service--whether or not benefits were received or units completed. Transcripts should be addressed directly to the Veterans Office at Las Positas, and will be forwarded to the student's permanent Admissions and Records file. Enrollment will only be certified for one semester pending evaluation of prior credit. These transcripts will be used when determining prior credit for courses that satisfy major requirements when completing the student's Evaluation of Course Requirements.

All veterans must make an appointment with the counseling office during their first semester in attendance, in order to complete a VETERAN' S EVALUATION OF COURSE REQUIREMENTS FOR CURRENT OBJECTIVE. Evaluations cannot be done on a drop-in basis. The evaluation is required prior to certification of a student's second semester, and if and when a student changes to a new major a new evaluation must be completed prior to further certification. Only courses indicated on the evaluation will be certified for payment by V.A., as these are the courses that are needed to complete graduation or transfer requirements.

If you have not attended any other colleges or taken Math or English, Math/English Assessment must be completed prior to meeting with a LPC counselor for the Veteran Evaluation of Courses Appointment.
Please visit:

Each time you change your Educational Objective you must complete a new Veteran Evaluation. Get the Evaluation here.


Scheduling Your Appointment

Before trying to schedule an appointment with counseling for a Veteran Evaluation of Course Requirements for Major, please make sure you have the following things done. Without any of the following completed, an appointment cannot be made, regardless if this will delay VA benefits. If you have any questions, please contact the LPC Veterans Office.

  1. All official transcripts from any other colleges must be received by Admissions and Records
  2. Math/English Assessment must be completed, unless you have attended any other colleges and have taken a Math/English Assessment or have taken Math or English at the other college,
    if an Assessment needs to be done please visit:
  3. Pick up a Veterans Evaluation Referral form from the LPC Veterans Office, Bldg. 1310 to take to the LPC Counseling Office.
  4. Must make an hour appointment to see a counselor. Drop in appointments are not available for this process.
  5. If an appointment is scheduled, do not miss, but if you cannot attend please contact Counseling ahead of time. Due to the limited and valuable counseling time, missing an appointment may prevent appointments in the future.


To schedule an appointment, call Counseling at 925.424-1400 or stop by the Counseling Office on the first floor of Building 1600.

Las Positas Veterans First Program
Veterans Office
Veterans Resource Center
BLDG 1310
(next to the flag pole and book store)

Tel: 925.424.1570/1572
Fax: 925.424-1574

Veterans Office Hours and
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MON: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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THURS.: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
FRI.: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Contact Us

Veterans First Office
Office: 1314

Todd Steffan
Veterans First Coordinator

Maggie Alvarez
Veterans Specialist/VA Certifying Official

Jose Calderon
Veterans Counselor

Gilberto Victoria
Veterans Counselor



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