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Las Positas College

Archived Mandatory FLEX Day Materials

You can find links to archived Mandatory FLEX Day materials here.

Spring 2024 FLEX Day

Full Program

5 Steps to Communicating Without Using Your Voice (PPT) (Handout)

Become a Certified Honors Instructor (PDF)

Best Practices for Club Advisors (PDF) (Handout1) (Handout2) (Handout3) (Handout4) (Handout5) (Handout6)

Cal-GETC - Overview and Discussion (PDF) (PPT)

Caring Campus Overview and Scenarios (PDF)

Credit for Prior Learning Workshop (PDF) (PPT)

Demystifying Early College Credit (PDF) (Handout)

DSPS Accommodate for Faculty (PDF) (PPT)

Faculty Evaluation Training (PDF) (PPT)

Financial Aid Guidance for You and Your Families (PDF) (PPT)

Icebreakers (PPT)

Linguistic Justice Is For Everyone (PDF)

New Associate Degree General Education Requirements (PDF) (PPT)

Student Veterans Panel - Transition from Military to College Life (PPT)

Transfer Success Data - Before and After Transfer (PDF)

Using AI as a Time-Saving Tool for Teachers (PPT) (PDF)

Zero Costs, Hero Gains: The Affordable Textbook Avengers (PPT) (Handout)

Fall 2023 FLEX Day

Full Program

5 Steps to Communicating Without Using Your Voice – American Sign Language (PDF) (PDF)

9 Easy Ways to Persuade Unmotivated Students that do not Involve Extra Credit (PPT)

Accommodate with Symplicity (PDF)

Best Practices for Club Advisors (PDF) (PPT)

Classroom Artificial Intelligence Resources (PDF)

Developing Equitable Grading Strategies (PDF) (PPT)

Equity Outside of School: Become an Energy Generator and Save the World! (PDF) (PPT) (Spreadsheet)

Faculty Evaluation Training (PDF) (PPT)

Hypothesis Multimedia Annotation: Use Universal Design to Get Students Reading! (PDF) (PPT)

Learning Disability Identification and Support (PDF) (PDF)

Should LPC Adopt an Alternative Academic Calendar? (PDF) (PPT)

Student Career Success and You (Canva)

Who are Students in the Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, & Information Technology Pathway? (PDF) (PDF) (Handout)

Who are Students in the Health, Wellness, & Public Safety and Advanced Manufacturing & Transportation Pathways? (PDF) (PDF) (Handout)

Who are Students in the Language, Literature, & Communication Studies Pathway? (PDF) (PDF) (Handout)

Who are Students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, & Environment Pathway? (PDF) (PDF) (Handout)

Who are Students in the Society, Culture, & Human Development and Undecided Pathways? (PDF) (PDF) (Handout)

Who are Students in the Visual Arts, Performing Arts & Design Pathway? (PDF) (PDF) (Handout)

Winter Car Care Tips (PDF) (Handout)

Spring 2023 FLEX Day

Full Program

2023 LPC Literary Arts Festival Workshop and Presentation Overview (PDF) (PPT)

Basics of Using Microsoft 365 OneDrive (PDF) (PPT)

Campus Read: Discussion of There There (PDF) (PPT)

Create, Organize, Let it Go! (PDF) (PPT)

How to de-escalate stressed students to support student learning (Google Presentation)

HyFlex @ LPC (PDF) (PPT)

Improve your DE Course with the CVC OEI Rubric Standards (PDF) (PPT)

Meeting Students Where They Are, Post-Pandemic and AB705 (PDF) (PPT)

Solar Power, Equity, and You. Or, how to save money while helping save the World (PDF) (PPT)

Student Career Success and You (Canva Presentation)

What is a Liquid Syllabus? (PDF) (PPT) (Handout)

Who’s Afraid of ChatGPT? Hazards and Opportunities (PDF) (Handout)

ZTC Information Session (PDF)

Fall 2022 FLEX Day

Full Program

Keynote (PDF) (PPT) (Handout 1) (Handout 2) (Handout 3)

AB 1705 and its Impact on English and Math (PDF)

Caring Campus in Action (PDF) (Handout)

Creating a Welcoming Directory Message to Community (PDF) (PPT)

Gamifying Your Class for Fun and Equity (PDF)

How long does it take to finish an associate degree at LPC (PDF)

Interaction in Your Online Courses (PDF) (PPT)

Making your Canvas course site ADAcompliant (PDF)

Mental Health Awareness for our Classified Professionals & Faculty (PDF)

Resources for EOPS, CARE and Veterans at LPC and Beyond (PDF) (Handout)

Secure Messaging (PDF) (PPT)

Solar Power, Equity, and You. Or, how to save money while helping save the World (PDF) (PPT)

What is Middle College Student Panel (PDF) (PPT)

Winter Car Care Tips and Inspection (PDF)

Spring 2022 FLEX Day

Full Program

Classified Program

A Conversation about AAPI Students (PDF) (Data)

AB 705 and its Impact on English and Math (PDF) (PPT)

Caring Campus Initiative (PDF1) (PDF2) (PDF3)

Creating an Attractive Custom Home Page in Canvas (PDF) (Videos)

Fire Extinguisher Training (PDF) (PPT) (Pics)

How to Be an Anti-Ableist Educator (PDF) (PPT) (PDF2) (PPT2) (PDF3) (PPT3) (PDF4)

HyFlex @ LPC (PDF) (PPT) (PDF2) (PPT2)

Introduction to CPR & AED Training (PDF) (Word)

Making your Canvas course site ADA-compliant (PDF)

Mathematics and Music: Singing the Same Tune (PDF) (PPT)

Momentum of Apprenticeships at LPC and Beyond (PDF)

Solar Power, Equity, and You. Or, how to save money while helping save the
World (PDF) (Video)

Sustainability Training (Website)

Updates for OER and Curriculum Changes for Fall 2022 (PDF) (PPT)

Using data to guide Student Success Teams (PDF) (PPT)

Using Pronto, RAW, and Smart Shops to Increase Student Success (PDF) (PPT) (Video)

Fall 2021 FLEX Day

Full Program

Brainstorming Best Practices for Student Services Outcomes (PDF) (PPT) (Handout)

Budget Transfer Training (PDF) (Handout 1) (Handout 2)

Chill & Chat for Classified Professionals (PDF)

Cranium Cafe Training (PDF)

Fun with Program Mapper (PDF) (PPT)

Getting DE Committee help to make your Canvas course ADA-compliant (Handout)

Grants Submission Process (PDF) (Handout)

Linguistic Justice In Action (PDF)

Mission: Lower Textbook Costs! (PDF) (PPT) (Video)

Reading and Annotating in the ZTC Classroom (PDF) (PPT) (Video)

What is Middle College? Student Panel (PDF) (PPT) (Handout)

Spring 2021 FLEX Day

Full Program

Academic Honesty, Honestly (PDF) (Recommendations) (Purchased Paper) (Survey) (Video)

Canvas Test/Quiz Writing Support (PDF)

Care Through Linguistic Justice in the Classroom (PDF) (Article) (Handout)

Designing More Interaction into your Online Course (PDF)

Ditch the Points: Consider Contract or Standards Based Grading (PDF) (Video)

Expanding Dual Enrollment Partnerships (PDF)

Faculty Chill & Chat (Jamboard)

Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (PDF) (Video)

Leadership: Building Common Understanding (PDF) (Handout)

Persistence Project Debrief and Updates (PDF)

Question-driven SLO/SAO Research (PDF)

Redesigning Orientation & Onboarding Activities: How Students Enter Their Path.
Guided Pathways Pillar 2 (PDF)

Supporting our Systems-Impacted Students (PDF)

Using Studio within Canvas (PDF)

Video Editing in Canvas Studio (PDF) (Website) (Video) (Tutorial)

What Are Success Teams? (PDF)

Fall 2020 FLEX Day

Full Program

Academic and Career Communities (PDF) (PPT)

Canvas Studio (PDF) (PPT)

Career Exploration Platforms (PDF) (PPT)

Culturally-Responsive Feedback: Language So Rich, Why We Stiflin? (PDF) (PPT) (Handout)

Distance Ed in Math with Equity and Open Resources (PDF)

Facial Recognition (PDF) (PPT)

Grading for Equity (PDF) (PPT)

Humanizing the Digital Environment for Faculty and Students (PDF) (PPT)

Lab Experiments and Activities in Times of Zoom (PDF)

Less Data, More Talk: Making SLO’s Meaningful (PDF)

Making Your Canvas Course Site ADA-Compliant (PDF) (PPT) (Handout 1) (Handout 2) (Handout 3) (Handout 4) (Handout 5)

Managing Emotions During Turbulent Times (PDF)

Proctorio Training (PDF) (Tips & Tricks)

Putting Our Minds Together—Effective Lectures for Science and Engineering in the Time of Zoom (PDF)

Supporting Student Veterans Remotely (PDF) (PPT)

Test Creation and Strategy for Online Classrooms (PDF)

The NEW Online Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) Process Demonstration for Accepting (Acknowledging) Part-time and Overload Instructional Assignments (PDF)

Using Hypothesis in Canvas (PDF) (PPT) (Handout) (Image)

Spring 2020 FLEX Day

Full Program

Budget Training (PDF)

Computer Monitoring in the Classroom (PDF)

Conference Leave (PDF)

Course Review for 1st Time DE Instructors (PDF)

Guided Pathways - A Persistence Project (PDF) (Handouts)

Integrating Climate Change Curriculum in All Disciplines (PDF)

Making Your Canvas Course Site ADA Compliant (PPT) (Handout) (Cheatsheet) (Format Word Document)

Maximizing Technology in Counseling Sessions (PDF)

Model the Way: Leading Students Toward Equity, Inclusion, and Collaboration (PDF) (PPT)

SLO Coordinator Workshop (PDF)

Staying on the Pathway: Before and on Day 1 (PDF) (Group A) (Group B)

Stop the Bleed (PDF)

The Computer Science Behind Bitcoin (PPT)

What You Need to Know About FERPA in the Classroom (PPT)

Fall 2019 FLEX Day

Full Program

Community Education: Whats New? (PDF) (PPT) (Travel Page)

Concurrent Math Support In An AB705 World (PDF) (Handout) (Chart)

Engaging Students Through Honors Coursework (PDF) (Handout)

ESL Experience (PDF) (PPT) (Handout)

First Conversation On Identifying Academic Pathways (PDF) (PPT)

Keeping Students on a Pathway (PDF) (Grading) (Community) (Interventions) (Oakton)

Making Your Canvas Course Site ADA-Compliant (PDF)

Mental Architecture (PDF) (PPT)

MOC: Success Strategies for At-Potential Students Keynote (PDF) (PPT)

Model the Way: Leading Students Toward Equity (PDF) (PPT)

Piano for the Absolute Beginner (PDF)

Review A Course Using OEI Rubric (PDF) (PPT) (Contract) (Rubric)

UndocuAlly Training (PDF) (PPT) (Handout)

Using the Visual Arts in the Classroom (PDF)

What is Middle College (PDF) (PPT) (Handout)

Spring 2019 FLEX Day

Full Program

AB705 English/ESL (PPT)


ADA Compliance (PPT)

Beyond the Bookstore with OER (PDF) (PPT)

Demystifying Data Science (PPT)

Landing the Next Classified Promotion (PDF)

Proctorio (PDF)

What Are Students Saying about LPC? (PDF

What Makes a Great Teacher Great (PDF) (PPT)

Web Accessibility (PDF)

Fall 2018 FLEX Day

Full Program

Academic & Classified Senate Budget Guidelines (Classified) (PDF

Classified Professionals Discussion Panel (PDF)

Classified Professionals & Unions: Teaming up for Success (Classifed) (PPT)

Data Security (PPT)

Disaster Preparedness (PPT) (PDF)

Educational Leave (Classified) (PDF)

Guided Pathways Keynote (PPT)

Making your Canvas Course ADA-Compliant (PDF)

Participatory Governance (Classified) (PDF)

Roles of CCCD Senates & Local One (Classified) (PDF)

Sabbatical Information (PDF)

SB235 Interpretation (Classified) (PDF)

Stop the Bleed (PPT)

Tactivities for Active Learning in the Classroom (PPT) (PDF)

Title 5 on Academic Senates (Classified) (PDF)

 Turning LPC Blue (PPT)

What to expect when you submit your course to the OEI Design Academy (PDF)

Working Together: "Mental Health Inside & Outside the Classroom" (PPT) (PDF)

Spring 2018 FLEX Day

Full Program

Debunking Myths for Men of Color (PPT)

Disaster Home Preparedness (PPT) (Handout)

E-Portfolios (PPT)

Guided Pathways (PDF)

Keynote Session (PPT)

Keynote Breakout Session (PPT) (Handout)

Math Program Updates (PDF) (Print Schedule)

Student Learning Outcomes (Discipline Coordinators) (PPT)

Student Learning Outcomes (SAO) (PDF)

Student Mental Health Resources on Campus (PPT) (BIRT) (Kognito) (Suicide Prev)

Successes and Benefits of Being a Student Athlete (PDF)

Web Accessibility (PDF)

Working Together: "Dream Big!" (PPT)

Fall 2017 FLEX Day

Full Program

Active Listening Workshop (Weblink)

Behavioral Intervention Resource Team Keynote (PPT)

Globalizing the Curriculum (Slide Show) (Discussion Notes)

Growth Mindset (PDF)

Guided Pathways (PDF) (PDF)

Microaggressions (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Middle Collge (PPT)

Professional Learning Network (PDF) (PDF)

Science of Syllabi Construction (PDF)

SLO Overview (PDF)

Understanding Autism (PPT)

UnDocuAlly (PDF)

Web Accessibility (PDF)

Working Together: "Grading Theories and Practices" (PPT)

Spring 2017 FLEX Day

Full Program

Autism in the Arts (PPT)

CORA Keynote (JPG1) (JPG2) (JPG3)

Supporting Non-Native Speakers of English (PDF) (PPT)

Understanding the LaunchBoard (PDF)

Working Together: "Education in a Post Election Culture" (PPT)

Writing and Revising SLOs (PPT)

Fall 2016 FLEX Day

Full Program

Discussing Race and Gender in Diverse Classrooms: Promoting Equity and Respect (PowerPoint) (Handout)

eLumen Instructions: Student Services (Website)

Faculty Evaluation Training Session (Handout #1) (Handout #2)

Globalizing the Curriculum (PowerPoint) (Handout #1)

Growth Mindset (Handout)

International Travel (Handout)

Las Positas College Plant Identification (Handout)

MLA & APA Across the Curriculum (Handout)

Putting Course SLOs into Practice (PowerPoint) (Handout)

Teaching Men of Color (PowerPoint) (Handout 1) (Handout 2)

Working Together: Sensitive Situations (PowerPoint)

ZOOM: Best Practices in Online Office Hours (PowerPoint)